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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get there? Is there help with carpools?

You are responsible for driving to Ekone, but we help organize carpools from Portland's airport, and sometimes from Seattle's airport as well. The best driving directions are on Ekone's website...DON'T rely on google maps or other software, as they often suggust impassible dirt roads that are shorter in distance.

What will the gender balance be at the EROP for all?

The 4 primary elders plus the broader team are very balanced in terms of gender. The attendees may or may not be exactly evenly distributed. As conversations about this have evolved, the overall balance of gender for participants has faded away as a priority.

I've already been through the EROP before, can I do it again?

Yes. Elders who have come to an earlier EROP may come back and participate in an EROP again in a couple of forms, and we leave the manner in which they serve up to them. First, they can go through the EROP again as a participant. Secondly they can come back as a "returning elder." Returning Elders is a hybrid role in which elders are free to do their own work, while also playing roles (like council stoker or grave steward) to help the EROP happen.

Are Scholarships available?

Absolutely. In addition to the pre-approved discounted price, we have additional scholarship monies set aside that we WANT to use. Our goal is that this is available for everyone, and money is not a reason someone would not participate. If you need these funds, it is as simple as a conversation with

Who are the leaders?

For the 2024 EROP, there are four elders (two men and two women) who will be surrounded by a larger team of adults and elders both. This rites is not personality driven, but rather a thoughtful process that has had multiple people rotate through various leadership roles through the years.

Is this a religious retreat?

The EROP draws deeply on a number of the great world religions, and helps one deepen further on their spiritual path. We usually have a combination of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and folks who claim no tradition at all, both on the team and as participants.

What do I need to do to prepare?

There are a few things we'll ask of you, including the preparation of an obituary, some readings, and attendence in three zoom calls. Details are sent via email after registration is complete, and there is a page here with some information as well so you can get started right away.