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EROP for All, September 10-14, 2024

Here you will find the details on getting signed up, including pricing, travel details, and more…
Questions? Reach out to and ask!

On Meeting Death
Tonight, Pluto, with the crescent moon as my witness,
I welcome you as my lover.
If you have come to break down my door,
See, I have opened it,
And wait here for you at its threshold.
If you have come to tear off my clothes,
I have flung them aside already,
And stand naked, shivering gladly.
If you have come to hurl me into the abyss,
Watch now, as I release all false supports, one by one,
And fall toward you in ecstasy.
Hear this, Pluto, lord of transformative fire:
What you have come to take from me, I offer you.

-Jennifer Welwood

To apply as a first time participant for the Elders’ Rites of Passage (EROP), we suggest first reading through this entire page.

#1. Use the two buttons to the right to
A.) Fillout the Questionaire, &
B.) Register and Pay

#2 Work on the preparation work emailed to you after Step 1 (a lot of information will come in subsequent emails)

#3 Mark your calender for the three preparatory and two integration gatherings on June 6, July 25, August 22, and for
October 3 & 24. All meetings are at 10am PST, and are a max of 90 minutes.

Cost– We have three tiers of pricing, a pre-approved discounted price of $595 for those who need it, a standard price $795, and a supporting registration for those who can afford it $975. Further scholarships are available, by contacting It is of a high value to us, that to the greatest extent possible, money is NOT a barrier to participation. If money is the reason you might not come, PLEASE ask for further scholarship–we have it in our plans to extend this money!

The price includes four nights lodging, all food, and the program.

Payments can be submitted by credit card as part of the registration process or by mailing a check to:
Illuman Of Washington
Attn: EROP for All
19110 – 17th Ave NW
Shoreline WA 98177

#4 Plan your travel…You may fly into and out of Portland or Seattle. Seattle is a 4 hour drive, Portland is a 3 hour drive…Some folk are able to fly in on the morning the EROP begins and out on the same night it ends…others may need to fly in a day early. The window of time to arrive at Ekone is 1:00pm- 2:30pm the first day and we are finished at 2:30 PM on the last day.
We will help with carpool organizing as able, and/or finding a roommate at a hotel if you wish. However we cannot guarentee one will be available (though usually they are) and are NOT responsible for your arrival to the ranch.

#5 A Packing list will come later in the year.

Returning Elders Registration

Our discernment on the role of returning elders has evolved. Folks who have been a part of the all men's EROPs in the past, can participate in the all-gender EROP in two different ways: First of all you are welcome to go through the EROP for All as a first time participant. This will be a different EROP experience than your first EROP for multiple reasons. Even as you already may be an Elder, going through in this new format would be one way of deepening your eldering work, fully held in the container as a participant

Secondly, you may come as a returning elder. The returning elder program will take into account the needs and desires of those who enroll, as well as the needs of the EROP itself. The returning elders will have crossover with the EROP, but we anticipate there being more availablility and flexibility for other work on the land as desired.

To sign up either as a returning elder or as a first time participant, the above details largely apply to you as well, though there is no interview for either. The questionaire and the registration and payment links above can be used by you to sign up either for the returning elders program OR to go through as a full participant.

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