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Guides, Companions, & Community

One thing is for sure.

You cannot do your work alone.

Especially with Eldering. This is a relational word at heart. Elder must be a verb before it can be used as a noun. And the ones whom are being eldered reveal that you cannot elder alone.

One cannot cross the threshold into this work, without having guides, companions, and a context in which to do your work. Guides might be a spiritual director, mentor, pastor/rabbit/spiritual leader, wilderness guide, or therapist. Companions are simply fellow travelers who are in the same stage as you, with whom you can process what is alive for you. Contexts might include groups of multiple companions with whom you're doing inner work OR it might be the community in which you operate as an elder.

We have helped connect people with all three. If you want aide in any of these areas, reach out and we'll help you as we are able.